At Del Valle Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, our success is measured by our patients satisfaction with our services and the care they receive when visiting our clinic. We take great pride in our patients’ and their courage to overcome all their physical challenges.

Knee Treatment

“I’ve had, sadly, lots of orthopedics issues over the years, and clearly Del Valle is the best physical therapy operation that I’ve worked with” – Miriam
“I like the one-on-one relationship that I have with the physical therapists, and the quality service that you get here” – Brian
“Mark Figueroa basically brings you in and makes that connection with you, he has that ability to connect with others” – Mark
“I chose Del Valle because they are very professional in the sense of evaluating you and knowing exactly what to do” – Martha
“I just feel really comfortable coming and I think that most of the people that come here feel the same way too” – Mandy
“Mark Figueroa is one of the saviors of my old age” – Lucretia

Shoulder Treatment

“They treat you like friends. It is a comfortable environment and it is fun to come here. It just makes the process a lot easier when you have good people around you” – Jenna
“Mark Figueroa is just incredible, his knowledge base is amazing. He knows exactly every direction to safely move whatever injury you have” – Dennis
“They are the best in town. They are so caring and friendly and they know exactly what they are doing. It is just a great place and you do get better here” – Carolyn

Hand Therapy

“Noel is fantastic. He is very well educated and knowledgeable in a lot of subjects. They honestly care here” – Steve
“In therapy I think you can have the same tools and it is the therapists that make the experience for you. That is definitely what we received here” – Brent
“After my therapy I was better than I was before at baseball… Now I am stronger” – Tyler

Pain Management

“Del Valle has just been very wonderful to me. You do really get a lot of personal attention and most importantly you get people that know what I have to do to be walking better. They are the best therapy group I’ve gone to” – Donald
“The staff is wonderful, everybody is willing to help, the therapists are great. I’ve had very good results” – Nena