Del Valle Physical Therapy & Hand Therapy is committed to delivering stable solutions to life’s painful problems, no matter how mild or severe they may be.

From disruptive aches and pains to debilitating cracks and breaks, our dedicated team is here to help with comprehensive and through hand therapy and knee rehab. When you face chronic pain, moderate injury, or worse, the answer to it all may seem like surgery. But in fact, it’s what comes after surgery, or sometimes as an alternative to surgery, that can prove the most vital in your quality of life and long-term recovery. By focusing our efforts on individualized hand therapy and knee rehabilitation treatment plans that are designed to reduce daily pain, limitations, and discomfort, your chances of lasting relief are greatly improved. With our in-depth education and practice of daily movements and exercises, we don’t just heal your pain — we build your strength and ensure it stands the test of time. With our comprehensive team of physical therapists, occupational therapists, certified hand therapists, and sports science experts on your side, we can get you on the road to mobility and freedom for life. 

Is hand therapy & knee rehabilitation really worth it?

It’s common for people to experience an injury, develop a chronic soreness or body pain, or encounter a new physical limitation over time. Often, people chalk up such pain and discomfort to the aging process, assuming it’s normal and to be expected. And while it is true that as we age, our bones weaken and cause discomfort, that doesn’t excuse serious pain or interruption from your daily life.
Hand therapy

Every year, half of all Americans over the age of 18 develop a persistent musculoskeletal injury that lasts longer than 3 months. Source

As discussed, that injury remains unseen by medical professionals, all while causing daily pain and discomfort to those affected. The dangers of avoiding hand therapy or knee rehabilitation aren’t limited to irritation and aches– ignoring a persistent musculoskeletal injury goes much deeper than that. 
The risks of ignoring a musculoskeletal injury include:
  • Bone deformity
  • Joint damage & arthritis
  • Infection
  • Nerve damage
  • Blood clots
  • Tissue or bone death
Although these complications can happen farther down the line, it is absolutely critical that you address them in their early stages to reduce the likelihood of permanent damage and disability. 
Contact our compassionate team to discuss your aches and pains, and to kickstart your hand therapy or knee rehabilitation treatment plan.


Del Valle’s comprehensive hand therapy methods can reawaken, restore, and repair damage to your body over time, giving you the power to take back your life. 

Hand therapy is the dedicated art and science of assessing any injuries and conditions of your upper extremity (shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand), and developing a comprehensive treatment plan accordingly.  Using an integrated combination of therapeutic methods, daily exercises, and expert advice, the Del Valle hand therapy team gives you your best shot at a healthy and pain-free life. 

Work freely and safely with Del Valle Hand Therapy

Your hands are a vital part of your daily mobility and productivity. From typing on a computer to driving a car, everyday tasks require the complete mobility and dexterity of your hands. If your daily tasks require extended use of a keyboard, a hand injury can make your job feel like serious work. Or, if your job is more physical in nature, the aches and pains in your wrist, shoulder, and elbow joints can severely hinder your ability to move product and operate machinery, reminding you at every second of your body’s limitations. These physical struggles can be so disruptive and distressing, leading to lowered productivity, workplace satisfaction, and attendance.

In fact, 1 in 8 people of prime working age reported lost work days due to a musculoskeletal condition in 2012 — a whopping total of 216 million missed days of work in America.


Find joy in your work again free from pain. Call Del Valle’s hand therapy experts today.

Even deeper than the mundane activities of our lives, your hands and arms are the key to connecting with the world. Meeting a new friend, picking up your child, and cooking dinner for your family all require free range of movement from your arms and hands. Without it, you can start to feel like life is just out of reach, stopping you from living it how you want. 

With Del Valle’s expert hand therapy practices, we give you the strength and confidence you need to take back your life and get a grasp on your physical health. 

Superior expertise & true compassion go hand-in-hand


Noel is 1 of only 6,000 Certified Hand Therapists by the Hand Therapy Certification Committee (HTCC).

Noel Gonzalez is our faithful hand therapy expert and support at Del Valle. As the only Certified Hand Therapist in private practice here in Las Cruces, he is your unrivaled source for leading hand therapy methods and solutions. 

Certified Hand Therapist qualifications

  • Only awarded twice a year to physical or occupational therapists by the HTCC
  • Must accumulate advanced hand therapy training
  • Must perform 4,000 hours of direct treatment of the upper extremity
  • Must have passed rigorous examination in theory & practices of all conditions hand to shoulder
  • Must be a board-licensed therapist for a minimum of 3 years prior
  • Must renew credentials every 5 years through continued education and practice
Del Valle’s flexibility and focus on patients first allows Noel to provide a greater breadth of support and dedication to his hand therapy methods, going above and beyond his work duties to ensure lasting results. With Del Valle’s hands-on approach to physical therapy, Noel can provide longer treatment times with patients, financial difficulty accommodations, insurance constraints guidance, and customized solutions and treatments. With a flexible schedule and willingness to cater to your hand therapy needs, Noel even arranges night sessions to work with your schedule. 
Noel graduated with a Masters of Occupational Therapy from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center in Lubbock, Texas in 2013 after receiving his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from New Mexico State University. Also fluent in Spanish, Noel exceeds expectations and defies convention with his methods, always finding a new way to connect with his hand therapy patients. 

Common conditions treated with hand therapy

There are a variety of conditions, disorders, and injuries that may be a good fit for hand therapy. Here at Del Valle Physical Therapy & Hand Therapy, we vow to find the solution that ensures lasting comfort, mobility, and happiness. 

Our hand therapy methods can help treat:

Accident or trauma conditions

  • Wounds, scars, burns, damage to tendons, nerves, fractures, and amputations of the fingers, hands, or arms.
  • Hand therapy can help to increase and restore your range of motion prior to accident or trauma
  • Our hand therapy experts can recommend & develop custom splints and braces designed for your condition


  • Hand therapy can be vital to finding pain-free comfort for arthritis patients, practicing soothing remedies and daily exercises to awaken joints and ease irritation. 
  • Hand therapy has been shown to increase joint flexibility, reduce pain, and improve range of motion for arthritic patients.
  • Info courtesy of: Healthline.com
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS)

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome is a developmental condition caused by pressure on the nerve at the base of your palm, restricting your blood flow and causing numbness, tingling, and weakness on the side of your hand near the thumb. 
  • Causes of CTS include arthritis, autoimmune disorders, existing tendon inflammation, diabetes, and various lines of work.
  • manufacturing, assembly work, keyboarding-heavy work (graphics creation, digital marketing, administrative work, novel writing, journalism, web programming), and construction work
  • Info courtesy of: Healthline.com

Tennis elbow

  • Tennis elbow is caused by overuse of the elbow, resulting in inflammation of its connecting tendon, which in turn causes pain and tenderness when moving the elbow joint.
  • Tennis elbow is often developed as a result of playing tennis and similar sports, although certain occupations can play a role.
  • Studies have shown that painters, plumbers, and carpenters are specifically at risk of developing tennis elbow, as well as auto workers, cooks, and even butchers. 
  • Info courtesy of: Orthoinfo.aaos.org


  • Del Valle’s hand therapy experts can be instrumental in restoring your mind-body connection, often damaged following a stroke. 
  • Hand therapy for stroke patients focuses on the full scope of upper extremity movements
  • including wrist rotation, finger grips, wrist extension, and more.
  • Info courtesy of: Flintrehab.com


Del Valle Physical Therapy’s services stretch beyond hand therapy to include pain of the knee and its surrounding tissue. Focusing on repairing and revitalizing your knee’s range of movement and reducing daily pain, our expert knee rehabilitation team is here to help you take each step with confidence. 

One third of all Americans report experiencing knee pain, totaling over 100 million people in the US. Source

Common conditions that may require knee rehab:

  • Knee ligament injuries
    • ACL injury & reconstruction
    • PCL injury
    • MCL sprain
    • LCL sprain
  • Meniscus tear
  • Kneecap dislocation
  • Knee replacement surgery
  • Muscle strain & sprain
  • Knee Arthritis
  • Knee Bursitis
  • Runner’s Knee
  • Sciatica nerve pain
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Restless Legs Syndrome
  • Info courtesy of: Physioworks.com

No matter what your degree of injury or level of daily discomfort, Del Valle’s compassionate knee rehab experts are here every step of the way. From sports-related injuries, including ACL tears, muscle sprain, and dislocation, to developmental issues like arthritis and bursitis, our team is well-versed in knee rehabilitation techniques for all levels of injury.

Find the confidence you need to take the next step 

Specializing in knee rehabilitation following total knee replacement surgery, our dedicated team helps ease post-surgery pain and discomfort and kickstart the healing process.

Often, what’s most critical to the recovery process isn’t your physical health, but your mental health. Instead of solely focusing on your knee’s ability to bear weight, move fully, and rotate freely, we feel it is vital to ensure you are confident in such tasks. Often times, people still feel the pain of their previous injury long after it’s been resolved. This pain isn’t physical, but often emotional—such patients foresee repeated injury, and as a result, avoid rehabilitation for fear of further pain. At Del Valle, we understand this common fear, and work with you to face it head-on, giving you the strength you need to take steps towards recovery.


Personally invested in your recovery

A core pillar of Del Valle Physical Therapy & Hand Therapy is our commitment to our patients first.

When you choose Del Valle for your knee rehabilitation process, you choose a family of physical therapists who are dedicated to your recovery above all else. With comprehensive evaluations that focus on revealing your knee’s weak points, navigating its core structure, and discussing your goals for knee rehab, we create customized treatment plans designed around you.
Dr. Mark Figueroa, one of our original founding partners, is a valued member of our knee rehabilitation team. Dr. Figueroa tackles your knee’s inner workings with an analytical approach, and your mind’s hesitations with a personal touch, giving you the strength and confidence you need to move forward.